Coaching Services

Online Coaching: Personalized Run Coaching Service

This plan is for runners who are interested in a fully customized training schedule, updated each week based on how the previous week’s training went. We will make ourselves available to answer all of your questions via email, phone (twice monthly) and text message as needed.

How does Online Running Coaching work?

We’ll begin with a phone consultation. Before we build your first training schedule, we will want to get to know more about your background and goals. We’ll discuss your injury history, diet, knowledge of running and past experience. You’ll tell us your short and long-term goals and aspirations. The ultimate purpose of this phone call is to build a solid training plan that helps you reach and exceed all of your running goals! After your consultation, we will put together a training schedule that is personalized for you. It will take into consideration your current running level, experience and life schedule. The first week of training will be posted to an online training log. There is a section in the log for you to write notes about each day’s training so I can better understand how the workout went and if any adjustments are necessary. It’s important that you are very honest with us in the notes. We need to know if you are experiencing any injuries or discomfort so that we can take steps to avoid injury.

Included with the Personalized Coaching Service:

  • Initial phone consultation to review athlete’s history and goals
  • Customized training schedule with daily workouts
  • Training log where you will record notes for me about each workout
  • Consultation on recovery, nutrition, stretching and cross-training
  • Email/text message consultation
  • Race strategy advice
  • Motivational tips

A few of the many topics we will likely talk about include:

  • Uphill / downhill running technique
  • Running on technical terrain
  • Gear advice
  • Injury prevention
  • Self-motivational techniques
  • Efficient running movement

Personalized Run Coaching Service Pricing

The fee for monthly coaching is $160 and requires a 3-month commitment. Ongoing is, month-by-month basis with discounts if you sign up for six months at a time. Contact Ann through the form below.


Hourly Consultation

Need to work on specific skills? Want to “Ask Ann” a question on a certain topic? I’m available for sport specific training sessions. $60/hr. Contact Ann through the form below or by email at


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