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“Years ago, Altra founder Golden Harper began melting off outsoles and removing the excess heel elevation from their traditional running shoes. It was ugly, but it worked! The term ” ZERO DROP™” was coined to describe the level cushioning and perfect weight balance from heel to forefoot. This natural balance aligns the feet, back, and body posture for less impact. It also strengthens the Achilles and lower calf muscles that have been weakened over a lifetime of running on elevated heels.”

GU Energy

In 1993, our passionate Berkeley-based sports nutrition company introduced GU Energy Gel and forever changed the way that athletes fuel during exercise. At our core, GU is a company of athletes and we know what it takes to compete and excel in the world of endurance sports. We ask our athletes to be active in their respective communities, and constantly promote the GU way of life, whether racing, training, educating, or coaching.

Luna Sandles

Once upon a time…Ted McDonald took off his shoes and started running. It inspired him to realize humans were perfectly adapted for running in their original equipment. He got fascinated with the history of running and solutions to running found all over the world. Following the “natural selection” of footwear in human cultures, he kept seeing the simple sandal crop up as “the solution” used by humans since prehistoric times up until now.

Auburn Running Company

Auburn Running Company

“Located in historic downtown Auburn, California, our success is marked by a return to the good old fashioned, hands-on customer service style of shop keeping lost in today’s impersonal, shopping mall-inspired approach to retail. Sit back and relax in our historical movie theater seats while we take personal care to find the best fitting shoe based on your foot type and training requirements.”

“Regardless of whether you are walking for exercise or to help raise money for a cure, training for your first 5K or ultramarathon, or just like wearing running shoes because they feel so darn good, our mission is to find the right fit so you can reach your goals and enjoy the journey.”

Victory Sport Design

“Inspired by the experience of running the Western States 100 mile endurance race and designed by runner Victor Ballesteros, VICTORY BAGS are the evolution of a durable, compact and ultra-organized sports utility bag.”


Drymax Logo Stacked JPG

Drymax socks are the number 1 sock to keep feet dry. Used by many ultrarunners, the dual layer system moves moisture away from the foot with a super-hydrophobic (water hating) layer against the skin which mechanically moves moisture to the hydrophilic (water loving) reservoir wicking layer away from the foot breaking the blister cycle of heat, moisture and friction. Drymax socks are proudly made in the USA!

As a Realtor who is an expert in the Tri-County Area. Bob is currently ranked in the Top 10 Agents within his office of nearly 500 agents. Bob is also in the Top 1,000 Realtors Nationwide in property sales, awarded by the Wall Street Journal. We are committed to delivering quality results to our clients through a proactive service approach which takes nothing for granted. Contact us as we are available 8 days a week. P:(916) 698-1171 bobm@kw.com findcahomes.com

Monsters of Massage


Ve Loyce is trained in Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, and also uses Acupressure and Shiatsu. Ve Loyce has developed his own unique technique of massage, which he calls, “Attack-Orientated Target Massage.” This is where the practitioner focuses on a concentrated target at the client’s most problematic areas.

Marsha has been a certified Massage Therapist since 2004. Marsha received her certificate from Davis School of Massage at Harbin Hot Springs, California. Marsha also received special training in Watsu (Water Massage) and Healing Touch.

Ultimate Direction
Ultimate Direction


“In 1985 Ultimate Direction invented the entire category of hydration packs. We designed the first waist pack designed to carry bottles, a few years later created the first pack/strap to carry a water bottle in your hand, and made numerous other innovations that helped define what a hydration pack is today.”

“30 years later we are at the forefront again, having created and popularized the “vest” concept for carrying water, featuring no-bounce comfort and the ability to easily access bottles in the front. Now we are introducing the very first women’s-specific line of hydration packs, and have updated the whole product line with new technical fabrics, streamlined design, and contemporary colors.”

Squirrel’s Nut Butter


“SNB is an All Natural Anti-chafe and Restorative Salve hand made in Flagstaff, AZ.  Originally formulated to restore dry and irritated skin, it was later discovered to be an amazing anti-chafe salve!  SNB can be used for dry face/hands, dry lips, post sunburn skin restoration, blister prevention on toes/feet, nipple chafe, armpit chafe, hydration pack chafe, crotch chafe etc.  SNB is used by top ultra athletes around the world.  No more post race shower yelps! ”